Dinner date with an Escort

Dinner Date with an Escort


A dinner date with an escort is not unusual. As an Independent high class escort, I am frequently invited on dinner dates. On many occasions, it will be with a first time client, but my regular clients love to take me out to dinner and show me off sometimes! I often see the pride in their eyes when they walk into a restaurant with me on their arm, and this makes me feel terrific. Some new clients tend to be quite nervous when meeting an escort for the first time. Many like to pretend they are not, but you can tell the gentlemen that are nervous.

Lets get to know each other

A dinner date  with an escort together is a great way to get to know each other quietly, without any pressure. Breaking bread together is a charming way to get to know one another. It does make the whole experience that much better for both of us. And not to mention the fact that there are so many wonderful restaurants we can explore together!

How I present

I always dress appropriately for a dinner date. Depending on the restaurant we are going to go to, I will select something that is perfect for that particular venue. My wardrobe is extensive, and I tend to favour elegant, simple, but well made clothing the accentuated my curves in an elegant manner.


Meeting for a dinner date

When meeting for a dinner date, usually if its with a first time client, we will meet at his hotel or residence, and then travel to the restaurant together. On occasion, especially with regular clients, I am happy to meet you in the restaurant. There is no right or wrong way of dong this. it just really depends on your preference. The one thing you should never worry about when taking me out for dinner is that I will stand out for all the wrong reasons. At all times, I am very careful as to how I present in public. Discretion is of utmost important to me. This is not just to protect you, but me as well.  I wouldn’t want staff at restaurants to remember me for anything other then ” What a stunning woman” .

Interstate dinner dates

Although I am based in Melbourne, Australia quite often I am invited for dinner dates in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart , Brisbane, Gold Coast and Darwin. Making myself available to meet you in other cities other then Melbourne expands my circle of ” friendships” and I like nothing more then meeting you for dinner in another Australian city.  Travelling Interstate these days is an easy process. In fact, sometimes travelling from one end of Melbourne to the other can take longer then hopping on a plane to meet you for dinner in Sydney!

Lets meet wherever you are!

If you would like to meet in one of the major cities around Australia and even a regional city for dinner, I would love to hear from you. Having dinner with a beautiful Interesting woman ( all I have been told ) is a great way to enjoy an evening. Life should be all about experiences not things. Travelling here on business is always tricky. Your days are busy, but often your evenings could be a little lonesome and monotonous. Just because you are in a different city to me shouldn’t stop you from inviting me to join you. I enjoy the experience of packing an overnight bag and flying on a short flight to meet for dinner. It makes me feel quite special to be invited to begin with. Below I have listed some of my favourite restaurants around Australia as a reference ( if you are stuck on where to book for dinner) and also have listed my fee for dinner date with an escort Interstate. You should find these to be quite reasonable.

  • Melbourne Restaurants

Flowerdrum  ( 17 Market Lane, Melbourne 3000)


By far my favourite all them Chinese restaurant in Melbourne.

Phillipe Restaurant ( 115-117 Collins street Melbourne 3000)


Elegant French restaurant. Super private too.

  • Sydney restaurants

Icebergs Dining Room and Bar ( 1 Notts Avenue Bondi Beach 2026 Sydney)


This is my favourite Sydney restaurant. The view is spectacular, and the food delicious.

Aria ( 1 Macquarie street Sydney 2000)


This one is another of my favourite restaurants with a magnificent view of the Opera House and exquisite cuisine and romantic atmosphere.

Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth recommendations soon to come.

Information before contacting me

To meet me for dinner in Sydney, Melbourne ( fee is different for Melbourne as there is no travel involved ) Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Noosa, Gold Coast, Darwin, Hobart and Palm Cove, please send me an email or feel free to call me directly. I respond to email very efficiently and timely.

Contact me

My email address is marissa@marissa-escortinmelbourne.com

$2,500 AU ( inclusive of airfare and expenses. Fee must be made in advance before I can book my flight)

Notice required to meet interstate is 24 hours.

I hope we get an opportunity to meet.

Marissa xoxoxox